Emergency Flood Damage Technicians

There are numerous reasons for flood damage. Whether it’s flooding caused by a large rainstorm, overflowing river or cracked dam, the team at Paul Davis can extend 24/7 cost-effective emergency flood damage remediation to your Arlington, AZ home. Our team works with insurance companies to decrease the stress of taking care of flood damage. If your flood damage occurred at the same time as a regional fire, check out our fire damage services page.

Don’t Wait to Call Us

To avoid extreme flood damage, you need to act right away. Paul Davis technicians will reach you promptly after you contact us in Arlington, AZ. Flood damage can easily cause mold growth, and this can provoke health issues. Make contacting Paul Davis your main concern after a flood. This way, your home will suffer from a lower degree of damage.

Our Technicians’ Process

When Paul Davis technicians get to your home, we will begin assessing damage without hesitation. Prior to beginning any work, we will give you a quote for the cost of repair. Paul Davis can provide you the most correct quote because our technicians in Arlington, AZ are specially trained in emergency flood damage repairs.

Additional Water Removal

We will promptly start removing stagnant water from your home when you agree to the terms of our emergency service estimate. To successfully eliminate as much surplus water as we can, our technicians use vacuum pumps. This method will speed up the drying time and minimize the potential of hazardous mold from growing. Our sophisticated humidity-identifying tools will locate leftover water in your property.

Our Effective Drying Method

It’s likely that your house might appear dry after vacuuming up moisture, but it isn’t. Your carpets may need to be removed to avert further harm to the sub floor. To accelerate the drying steps, the Arlington, AZ professionals will start using air movers or dehumidifiers. In order to stop mold growth, we promise to be highly systematic in our drying actions.

Cleaning Up Your Home

Directly after flood damage, it’s normal for a moldy smell to linger inside a house. Your furniture, draperies, clothing and other possessions will likely need odor elimination. With our antibacterial treatments to eliminate germs and our antimicrobial treatments to prevent mold expansion, we will make sure your Arlington, AZ home is dry, clean and safe.

Call Us Directly

We are completely aware of how emotionally stressful a flood can be, so let us immediately help you. Call the Paul Davis specialists in Arlington, AZ for a flood damage estimate. We are one of the best companies in the Arlington area for emergency flood damage repairs. After our emergency cleanup services, we can then recommend contractors to you for more damage repairs.