Damage Storms Can Cause

Harm caused by severe storms can be a big problem for your family or store, and repairing it can be complicated. To get the damage fixed quickly and safely, you need a storm damage repair service that specializes in bringing your home back to its original condition. We are the experts you need.

After you make it through the storm safely, repairing and restoring your property should be the next priority. Below, learn about how various storm systems can cause damage.

Insurance Payouts

The most severe damage from many storms is covered by property insurance, but the specifics change. What you must pay depends on your premiums and deductibles, the structure, how much damage there is, neighborhood property values and much more.

Document the damage, keep all receipts and contact your insurer and a storm damage restoration contractor.

Storms that cause property damage may lead to mold growth and cause other problems.

    • Winter Storm Damage: This can cause collapsed roofs, lead to broken trees and electricity poles, and cause other harm.
    • Hail Damage: This can bend and crack shingles and siding, causing hidden leaks and compounding structural damage.
    • Damage from Flooding: Flood water can seep into foundations, ruin structures and possessions inside, lead to mold growth and cause other problems.
    • Damage from Wind Storms: This can harm structures, destroy glass, damage landscaping and electricity hookups and more.
    • Hurricane and Tornado Damage: Circular wind storms can cause serious damage to all parts of your property, such as catastrophic damage to siding, roofs, landscaping and more.

Find a Trusted Contractor

It’s necessary to repair the damage quickly, but the risk of danger is high. Before you try making repairs yourself, work with your home insurer and hire a fully licensed and bonded contractor. Call us for more information.