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Damage Caused by Water in Surprise

Has your organization experienced water damage recently? Whether it is a growing stain in the ceiling or a totally flooded cellar, Paul Davis Restoration Services is able to solve the problem. We offer water damage restoration for companies or commercial buildings throughout the Surprise, AZ area.

Why Remove Water Damage?

Faulty appliances like dishwashers or refrigerators may result in serious flooding around the area. These issues may start out small. Whether resulting from problems with plumbing or appliances, manmade structures can create harmful water damage. Whatever business you operate, water damage is a real problem for your office. If ignored, it could contribute to further damage in the form of mold.

Water damage may occur from weather also. Severe precipitation or storm systems might damage your commercial property on their own. They may have a dangerous result any of your commercial property near a body of water that spills over because of these heavy rains.

Flood Removal Techniques

Paul Davis specialists have lots of experience removing leaks and various types of water damage out of commercial properties near the Surprise, AZ area. We offer these services for any commercial property affected by water damage.

Our Restoration Technicians Perform:

  • Water damage analysis
  • Water extraction
  • Drying soaked areas like padding
  • Cleaning and restoration of items like documents
  • Remediating mold and mildew damage
  • Finding and repairing the source of flooding water
  • Reconstruction services and weather damage repair
  • Assisting with insurance companies

Trusted Restoration Services

  • Our staff answer and move on time Depending on the amount of damage, Paul Davis professionals may be able to restore water damage in your commercial space in around a few days.
  • We are experienced – After half a century in business and millions of properties returned to normal, Paul Davis can handle your water damage situation.
  • We will help with your claims – Teaming up with insurance groups while bouncing back from water damage is tough. We can work with your insurance company to file claims quickly.

For any of your water damage repair issues, contact Paul! 888-473-7669. Our staff will be ready to get you in touch with a pro in the Surprise area.